Somewhere during the year of boredom that was 2020, I ended up in my garage looking at a bunch of old baseball and football cards that I had stashed away from my days as a teenage collector. Figuring my younger self had set future me up for a financial jackpot, I starting looking up the value on my keepsakes from years ago. How much were my cards worth? Well, you'll notice that I'm writing articles for the website and working at the radio station instead of living it up on an island somewhere - that pretty much tells the tale.

I saw a story last week about a Lebron James rookie card being sold for a record price. It caught my attention because it was the highest price ever paid for a basketball card - but I didn't think much else about it. But I saw a KPAX story this week that added a Montana tie-in to the story and I thought it was pretty cool.

Bozeman's Landon Bailey was a tax accountant by day and spent his spare time trading and selling sports cards. He used a company called Pre-War Card Collectors (PWCC) services to sell cards from his collection - and they ended up offering him a job. He said goodbye to accounting and started living out the childhood dream of playing with cards and getting paid for it.

Ah yes, back to that Lebron James card that recently sold for $5.2 million.......

The deal for the card was brokered through PWCC and the seller felt more comfortable having Landon accompany him and the card to the sale. Get this - no fancy packaging or special way of transporting. The seller carried the card in his backpack! It seems like a pretty cool adventure and the trip took Landon overseas to make the delivery: "I mean, it was cool to go over there - I’d never gone to Europe before. But it’s a little bit terrifying carrying something that valuable around town with you.”

Pretty cool! The most expensive basketball card ever sold had a Montana man as the middleman. Read the entire story HERE.

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