You might be proud of that homebuilt Montana mailbox outside your ranch. You know, the one that your Grandpa handmade so it looks like a duck, with the door as the "bill" you open to get your bills, and all that other junk mail.

But the United States Postal Service is pleading with people to seriously consider upgrading their mailbox to something that is not only more practical for today's deliveries but even in much better condition.

And while the weather hasn't been conducive to an outside project during the annual "Mailbox Improvement Week", there are some suggestions you could consider when the sun returns.

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A time to measure your mail delivery

While you don't see as many wonky mailboxes as in years past alongside Montana roads, even some of the ones produced 20, or even 10 years ago, aren't up to USPS standards. The agency says that can make delivery difficult, especially for rural carriers who try to juggle packages and mail while driving on the opposite side of the car.

USPS says current mailboxes should be "Postmaster Approved", which means everything should be working, with a modern box that's both secure and safe, and weatherproof.

That especially means current mailboxes should be large enough to receive all the packages you've become accustomed to ordering, plus all those political flyers I'm sure you're anxious to receive this year. Additionally, both city and rural mailboxes should be "conveniently located". Basically not hiding behind an untrimmed bush, or leaning as sharply as your political opinions.

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You don't HAVE to replace

That doesn't mean you have to get a new mailbox. If you have one you like, USPS is asking that you do things like securing the posts, fixing loose hinges, making sure numbers and letters are complete and current, and repainting boxes that are rusted, or peeling.

I guess that means it can be PAINTED like a duck, if you insist.

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