I've lived a couple of different places over the years, but one thing has been consistent throughout that time - no matter where you are, people like to complain about where they live. You can just see it in the comments of our Facebook page every day - people yelling at the local government, complaining about how expensive Missoula is, and all kinds of things.

With all that negative energy going around, it's important to focus on the positives - I mean, Missoula is one of the better small cities to be in throughout the country. And a new survey looked at every state in the US and ranked them in order, from least-hated to most-hated.

They took a look at a recent poll about state pride, but they also looked at how many people were moving out of the state recently (which isn't always the best indicator - some people, like me, moved out of their home state for a job). But what they determined was that Idaho was the least-hated state in the country, while New Jersey was the most-hated.

So where did Montana fall in this study? Pretty low on the list, actually - we were in the bottom ten! Placing at number 41, that makes us the 9th-least-hated state in the entire country - our state pride was only 29%, but there were no other states around the country who said they hate us, so hey, let's take that as a win.

Do you think Montana earned its place as one of the least-hated states in the US? If not, you can always yell about it in the Facebook comments!

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