We're always playing the "what we'd like to see" game when it comes to new businesses/stores/restaurants that could possibly open in Missoula. Whenever a business closes their doors, the rumors start flying with what will eventually take its place. And it seems like we've had the conversation quite a bit recently with so many places going out of business. Although there's been many more, just a few places that come to mind since last year include JCPenny, Fuddruckers, Pier 1, Lucky's, Shopko, Perkins, and Payless ShoeSource.

One of the names that always gets brought up on the wish list for Missoula is Whole Foods. I'm not sure I've ever been to one of their stores, but I know they have a pretty loyal following. For anyone hoping that we'll have one of our own soon, this might be some promising news. Plans have been announced that will see Whole Foods open their first location in Montana! But it looks like Bozeman drew the lucky straw - they're remodeling the Gallatin Valley Mall and a new addition will be the natural and organic grocery market.

That has to be good news right? I would think the odds of getting a Whole Foods in Missoula might have just shot up. Now that the hurdle of opening up a first location in the state is out of the way - the next logical step would be to add a second one.........right? How long can it be until those hoping for a Missoula Whole Foods get the news they've been waiting for?

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