Climate caution. All Montanans know about the abrupt changes in weather to which we are susceptible.

Yet, this time of year, it is still early enough in the fall to easily be complacent. And the guess here is this won't be the last rescue story we share with you in the next couple of months.


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks tells us that Gallatin County Search and Rescue responded to a 911 call from a hiker near the Garnet Mountain Fire Lookout, who had become stranded. The hiker was not dressed for the conditions that moved in. The hiker was also out of food and water, as darkness and colder weather were causing even greater concerns.

Volunteers from the Search and Rescue Big Sky and Valley Sections responded. They were able to access the hiker utilizing off-road vehicles. The hiker was provided aide and transported back down the mountain where they were dropped off at their vehicle. No further medical attention was required.

Hunters and other back-country enthusiasts: although the days still have moderate weather, temperatures are quickly dropping after dark. Having adequate supplies and being dressed for all conditions is good practice for ensuring an enjoyable and safer back-country experience.


In other Montana FWP outdooor news, fishing will close starting October 1 for sections of the Big Hole, Ruby and Beaverhead rivers to protect trout during spawning season. The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted emergency fishing regulations in June in response to struggling fish populations in the three rivers. These restrictions limit fall angling during the brown trout spawning season in some stretches of the rivers.

You can see those rivers' closure areas here.

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