Look, it is no secret that Montanans love their beer. Earlier this year, we learned that we actually drink more of it than almost every other state in the US. And if we're drinking more of it, we've got to be getting it from somewhere.

As it turns out, Montana has more breweries per capita than just about every state in the US, too. We're ranked number three in the entire country, just behind Vermont and Maine.

You looking for hard numbers? Check this out - Montana is home to 92 breweries. Once you factor in the entire population of the state, that means that's one brewery for roughly every 11,000 people in Montana. That's a lot of beer!

I wonder how the numbers would look if we just focused on Missoula? We're home to a ton of great breweries, and it always seems like there's another one on the horizon.

Zippia were the ones who put together the study, which you can check out right here. Colorodo, Oregon, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Alaska, Washington, and New Mexico round out the top 10 for each state.

And dead last on the list? That would be Mississippi. So I think I can safely say I'm glad I don't live in Mississippi - any state where I can't walk into a brewery on every corner is one that I should probably avoid. It's a philosophy that's served me well in life, and it's one thing that makes Montana so great.

Do you think we can top this list in a couple of years? Has this inspired you to start your own brewery to secure the top spot?

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