Last week we reported that the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conversation is expecting an above-normal fire season in 2020.

While nothing too severe occurred over the weekend, a few places in Montana got a  taste of fire activity, even in some areas that are still pretty damp and cool.

Near Clancy, Montana, in northern Jefferson County, 20-25 homes were briefly evacuated on Saturday as a small wildfire grew to more than 1,500 acres. As of Sunday night the fire was 15 percent contained and had consumed two outbuildings.

Near Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, a fire being named the Sappington Fire, burned 170 acres on Saturday. Rains helped firefighters on Sunday and the fire was under control. Officials report that they were able to provide mutual aid assistance on the Sappington Fire so local initial attack responders could sleep in their own beds after fighting fires all day. Crews from the Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and local fire departments and a DNRC helicopter all assisted and thanks to an assist from Mother Nature, were able to clear the scene.

Another fire near Clarkston was also put out on Saturday, and another fire near Porcupine Trail close to Highway 191 burned less than an acre.

Guess it goes to show, even when fuels are green, with a dry wind and heat they can cure out and burn rapidly.


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