Most Montanans aren’t being towed around by reindeer, but it looks like they may find some Christmas cheer anyway when they fill up at the gas pump. Gas Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan explains.

“Gas prices continue to drop, falling 6.5 cents a gallon across Montana in the last week,” DeHaan said. “The average price for a gallon of gasoline in the state is now under $2.70. It is at $2.69. If you shop around you can find some prices as low as $2.27 at the Sam’s Club in Billings.”

There was some worry that an OPEC meeting last week could drive up the cost of oil by an expected announcement to plan to reduce oil production and supply, but that turned out not to be the case.

“Oil prices continue to be under pressure even after the OPEC meeting last week,” DeHaan said. “OPEC did agree to a smaller than expected production cut. Oil prices are not responding very much. They are down this morning by about a dollar a barrel to $51.52 a barrel. I think we may have a couple more weeks of falling gas prices in Montana, but it certainly could be longer than that.”

Montana isn’t alone in seeing gas prices drop, they’ve been falling all over the country. With prices east of Montana dropping even faster, while West of Big Sky Country, most states are still seeing bigger prices.

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