Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is looking for information about two poaching cases that occurred over the weekend. Two animal carcasses were found, one a white tail deer on the side of the road in Stevensville and a moose in Crane Mountain area, both with meat left to go to waste. Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser, has more details.

"A couple of relatively nearby poaching cases that we’ve had recently is one on a deer that was found,” Crowser said. “The white tail deer carcass that was dumped and left to waste, it was discovered that the head was removed but the two front quarters of meat were left to waste. Then additionally someone killed a moose and took the two hind quarters and the head but abandoned the rest. “

Crowser says all hunters are expected to abide by the same rules and can avoid receiving poaching violations several different ways.

"Take anything that is meat that could be used as food,” Crowser said. “If you want to gut an animal out on the field you can leave trails, but everything else needs to go with you. If you run into a check station you need to have some evidence of sex attached and stuff like that.”

According to Crowser, anyone with information may be eligible for a monetary reward and should contact 1-800-TIP-MONT.

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