This summer, I had plans to travel to Los Angeles for a huge concert. I had plans to be in a friend's wedding, and attend my brother's graduation. I currently still have plans to go to Chicago for a music festival in September, but it's looking unlikely that'll actually happen.

The point is, COVID-19 has pretty much wiped out the calendar for just about everybody. Most major events have been cancelled, postponed indefinitely, rescheduled, or else have had to radically change their approach so as not to attract a huge crowd all at once.

And now, you can add another Montana event to the ever-growing list of things that aren't happening as planned - the Montana Dragon Boat Festival, an annual event that was scheduled for September 12th and 13th at Bigfork Bay, has officially been postponed.

Not exactly a surprise - organizers are saying they're not even sure if the event could abide by social distancing guidelines, considering you have teams of 20 people sitting in a narrow boat for long periods of time. They're currently looking for a way to still do something on those dates, whether that might be a clinic or even a virtual festival.

As of now, no new date has been put in place for the Dragon Boat Festival for 2021. Were you planning to attend? Are you bummed that it won't be happening as planned?

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