Ravalli County remains with one COVID-19 case, according to the county's Incident Management Team. Meanwhile, the Montana Positive COVID-19 case numbers have gone from 34 Sunday afternoon to 45 at noon Monday, March 23, according to the DPHHS state report. Most of the growth was in Gallatin County (Bozeman), which climbed from 10 to 16. Missoula gained two more positives and is at 6, while Billings has 7 positive novel coronavirus results. There have been 1,688 tests conducted in Montana so far. By the way, when you are tested, your provider will directly notify you when the results are complete. If you haven't heard from the provider within a week, call them. Team leader Dr. Carol Calderwood said to be consistent about physical and social distancing, "In order for all of the physical/social distancing to work, we have to ALL do it together. We have to ALL do it everywhere and we have to do it RIGHT NOW." Maintain a 6-foot spacing distance in all gatherings, even outdoors. No gathering should be over 10 people. Less is better. Don't share drinks or lip balm and Wash Your Hands. She said no age group is exempt. That is shown in Montana's numbers with quite a few positive tests in the age 20s group. However, those with medical problems, especially those over 60, are at a higher risk for serious illness or death. There are more tips at the Ravalli County website.

The Ravalli County Commissioners approved expenditures up to $10,000 for more Personal Protection Equipment for the Public Health Department. The equipment has been in short supply around the nation. If you can donate protective gear (in unopened packages) Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is accepting them at 1224 W. Main, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call ahead at 375-4650 and they'll meet you outside. More information at the hospital website.

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