Nationally, the rate of obesity in the United States has risen to 27.7 percent in 2014, but according to the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index Montana was one of the top states with the lowest obesity rates.

Following Hawaii at 19 percent and Colorado at 20.3 percent obesity, Montana falls in line at number three, with 23.5 percent obesity, only 4.2 percent lower then the national average.

Obesity rates continue to be highest in southern and midwestern states like Louisiana and Mississippi, but lowest in Western and Northeastern states, a pattern that has persisted since tracking began by Gallup began in 2008.

"There are proven, effective interventions for helping people lose weight and sustain their weight loss," said Janet Calhoun, senior vice president at Healthways. "For maximum impact, interventions need to go beyond addressing eating habits and physical activity, and include the emotional and social aspects of well-being. Helping people approach change with optimism, resilience and with an awareness of their personal passions are proven techniques for long-lasting behavior change."

Mississippi and West Virginia have had the two highest obesity rates in the nation since 2012. This year, Mississippi had the highest rates of obesity in the nation, rounding out at 35.5 percent, followed by West Virginia at 34.3 percent obesity.

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