On April 27, 2022, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale spoke to KGVO about a handful of issues. Rosendale began by wanting to know how Montana veterans are going to get the benefits they deserve.

“I sat in the Veterans Affairs Committee yesterday and I witnessed a system where we have thrown several billion dollars at Electronic Health Record system that is being operated by Cerner Corporation,” said Rosendale. “They have not delivered an effective product yet. Fortunately, I have finally achieved bipartisan support to hold these people accountable and make sure that we are not expanding that system into additional facilities until they can show that it's working.”

Rosendale wants to deliver those veteran benefits through a better system.

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“It is issues like that where we have the money and it's not being directed towards delivering benefits for our veterans,” Rosendale said. “That is so very, very troubling. What I want to make sure of is that if there's a problem, if we can't keep a facility open because of the amount of patient load that is there and they can't substantiate it, then tell me how we are going to deliver those benefits to our veterans.”

Rosendale also shared his concerns about the amount of immigrants that are coming to the United States.

“The current 8000 illegals a day coming from 167 countries that we are aware of or the 700,000, what they call getaways, that have entered into our country already this year,” Rosendale said. “We've heard discussions about the 42 people that we are aware of that were on terror watch list that they call it. 700,000 people entered our country and we don't know who they are.”

On Monday, Twitter said it has agreed to sell itself to Elon Musk in a roughly $44 billion deal that would put the world’s richest man in charge of one of the world’s most influential social networks. Rosendale shared his opinion on the sale.

“The left is going wild,” Rosendale said. “I find it rather amusing. I mean heads are exploding throughout the liberal population across our country right now because they are afraid that free speech is going to again emerge into Twitter.”

Rosendale believes Musk will make sure Twitter functions as it was originally intended. He said Twitter is a platform for information to be distributed upon.

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