The cost of grabbing a post-secondary degree is still a bargain in Montana, according to a recent national survey. compared both in-state and out-of-state yearly college tuitions for both public and private institutions. Then, in their final rankings, they stuck with the in-state tuition and added some net cost by state. Montana was in the top five for lowest costs. Ranking number one was Wyoming, followed by New Mexico, North Dakota and then in fourth place, Montana. Rounding out the top five was Mississippi. Montana's average in-state tuition was $7,629 with out of state tuition at $13,142.

On the other end of the scale, Rhode Island ranked most expensive with average in-state tuition at $30,879 and out-of-state tuition a bit higher at $33,908. The most expensive places following Rhode Island were Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. And, of course, post-secondary education can even be less expensive at community colleges.

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