Few things make Montana hunters (and there are a lot of you) crankier than stories about poaching the state's game animals.

We received a note from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens, seeking information on a poaching case about 10 miles north of Belgrade. A pronghorn doe was shot sometime late last week. As always, to report any poaching incident as well as other inappropriate hunting and fishing behavior, always call 1-800-TIP-MONT (847-6668).

More sad bear news: Montana FWP captured a pair of young grizzly bears near the north end of Whitefish Lake and removed the animals due to food conditioning, livestock depredation and property damage. The yearlings were accompanying an adult female grizzly, but attempts to capture her have been unsuccessful. FWP held the young bears onsite for a week in an attempt to lure the adult female back. All three bears were captured last fall, too, and relocated, but returned within a week. The decision was made to humanely kill the yearlings last week, with a euthanasia drug at local veterinary clinic.

Finally on a more positive note, congratulations to Quinn Carver, who has accepted the Ranger position for the Seeley Lake Ranger District in Seeley Lake. He has been acting as interim Ranger for the past several months.

Be safe and enjoy the great outdoors, folks.

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