We have all been there before. The dreaded hangover. You know? The kind of hangover that has you praying to whatever God will listen to you complain about how it feels like your dying. Promising that, if it goes away, you will never chase a "Bull Blaster" with Rumplemintz.....EVER AGAIN!

It is safe to say that New Years Day is by far the most hungover day of the year. Followed closely by the day after St Patrick's Day and the day after the Super Bowl. But, what states refused to follow the golden rule? "Beer before liquor, never been sicker."

Zippia crunched the numbers and came up with what states in the US, were the most hungover during the start of 2021. They used simple google search data to try and figure out which states had the most dry heaves and headaches.

According to Zippia

We turned to Google Trends to find which states were searching for some good old internet medical advice for their hangovers.

Odds are pretty good if you’re googling “hangover cures” and “how to get rid of a hangover” your head is pounding and you want to die.

We looked at search volume from December 31st to January 4th, giving everyone plenty of time to stop drinking and wish they hadn’t drunk quite as much.

The top 5 most hungover states were:

Montana, thankfully behaved for the most part on NYE. We fell on the bottom half of the list at #29. CHEERS!

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