Montana has at least 319 positive tests for the COVID-19 coronvirus. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services reported the number at 4:30 p.m. Monday, April 6. Officials said the total does not count some of the testing done by private doctors throughout the state. Six have died from the disease in Montana and 27 are currently hospitalized. The state processed 196 tests in the last day for a total of 6,985 tests.

Here are a few of the counties' totals from the report: Gallatin County - 118, Billings 47, Flathead County 31, Lake County 5, Helena 15, Toole County 15, Missoula County 24 and Ravalli County 2. The Ravalli County COVID-19 Incident Management Team will have a report at the Wednesday Ravalli County Board of Health meeting at 2 p.m. Ravalli County will be webcasting that meeting. Check Ravalli County's website for more information. The team's Monday report confirmed that the two Ravalli County positive cases were "travel-originated," meaning they were exposed outside the county. However, Dr. Carol Calderwood expects to see "community spread" cases soon, where a person-to-person infection happens in the county. Again, officials stress that Social Distancing works. Also, limit gatherings to nine people or less. Stay 6 feet apart. In many public places, wear a face mask - even homemade masks are helpful. Call 375-6650 if you have questions. And please don't repeat unverified rumors. The Incident Management Team said; "The only thing that can spread faster than COVID-19 - rumors."

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