Here is a fun fact. Everyone of this earth has a mom. Pretty neat right? Every year, there is one day set aside for everyone to show their mom how much they appreciate her. Whether you take mom out for a nice brunch on Sunday, or make her a macaroni necklace, moms really only want one thing. They want to be left ALONE. Except, now with all the social distancing, Mom's are missing that interaction with people other than their immediate family. They are hoping that salons will soon open. They are praying for a chance to go shopping somewhere other than online. They missing their friends. But, now more than ever, Mom's really need a break from the kiddos. They have spent enough time working from home, while juggling zoom meetings and piles of homework. So go ahead and treat Mom to breakfast in bead, get her some flowers delivered or make her a card out of construction paper. But, at the least give her some space.

Don't take it from me. Hear from a mom, the secret of what moms really want this weekend.

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