It's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunshine on Friday. If the nice weather will send you in search of a frozen treat - you'll have a new option when it comes to ice cream in Missioula. Big Dipper Ice Cream is scheduled to open their second location near Southgate Mall. The mall has become a bit of a magnet when it comes to businesses opening second locations as Bridge Pizza, Trail Head, and The Dram Shop - have all opened additional spaces nearby.

When that urge for ice cream hits, Big Dipper is always there to scratch the itch! Even in the middle of a pandemic they were serving up ice cream through phone orders from their location on Higgins. But, the COVID-19 situation also put a bit of a damper on the new location getting completed on schedule. As this KPAX article details, the original plan was to have the doors open weeks ago. And when they do open to the public, you'll find something the Higgins location doesn't have - indoor seating.

As we all celebrate another spot to indulge in the deliciousness of Big Dipper, the owners are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company. Here's to the hope of another 25 years and maybe a 3rd location in 2045!

Find the new Big Dipper Ice Cream across from the AMC Theater, next to the new Dram shop in Paxson Plaza.


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