We've received confirmation that Missoula's beloved Fred's Lounge at the Wye has sold their liquor license and they are closing permanently. We've partied at Fred's plenty, we're sad to hear they're closing, but it was actually a joyous announcement for owner Jo. She's retiring and has decided to close the bar.

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at our weekly Programming Meeting at the radio station. A couple of us were talking about Fred's closing and the majority of the meeting thought we meant Fred's Appliances and hilarity ensued. One attendee asked, "why does Fred's have a liquor license?" haha good times.

Fred's is Missoula's original gentleman's club, popular with truckers driving through or staying a night in town. But Fred's has also been quite popular with locals throwing bachelor parties or hosting friends from out-of-town, or just out for an unforgettable night of fun. We've thrown plenty of parties out at Fred's, I remember doing a concert ticket give away out there when I was pregnant. It was also a costume party and I hosted as a pregnant nun, it was a helluva good time.

Jo has run Fred's for many, many years, and in my opinion, has always seemed to hire awesome house moms. The house mom is important in keeping the girls safe and having an eye on all customers at all times, and from what I've observed, Fred's has done a good job looking out for their employees. Their bartenders have always been great, too. A few years back, they remodeled, but I never, ever thought they would close, Fred's has always been a staple of the Missoula bar scene.

Their last night open will be Saturday, September 25th, so get out to the Wye before it's too late, and don't forget those singles you've been saving for such a night! We haven't heard who bought the license or the building, or what plans are for the future, but you know we're nosey and will keep an ear out.

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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