Remember the pre-pandemic times, when we used to gather in large groups and sit in the same room for hours? Movies, concerts, social engagements, all were suddenly taken away and life's been pretty different over the last few months. I used to spend so much time at The Roxy Theater, and one of their most popular events was their Homegrown Comedy showcase, where they'd let local comedians take the stage. It was always packed, and you could always hear the laughter no matter where you were, even if you were watching a movie in another theater.

So when The Roxy shut down back in March, the comedy showcase went with it, and there hasn't exactly been much of a home for live, local comedy in Missoula recently. But, the theater recently unveiled The Roxy Garden, an outdoor screening space behind the theater where they're showing classic movies to a small, socially-distanced crowd - so, the comedy showcase is coming back!

The Roxy's website lists the return of the Homegrown Comedy Showcase for next week, on Wednesday, August 26th at 7 PM. And of course, seating is limited, because the Roxy Garden holds a lot less than the usual theaters inside the Roxy.

Here's the lineup of comedians they've announced for the comeback showcase: Duane Raider, Kyle McAfee, Amy Lee Smith, Jordan Demander, Ian St Onge, Patrick Sugar Bush, Lynn Solomon, and Mike Beers.

Will you be checking this out? You can buy tickets at the Roxy's website - but act quick, because this will sell out fast.

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