Vandalism is one of the most confusing crimes. Steal food to feed your family, it's illegal, but I get it. Paint a beautiful mural with a socially positive message? Cool. Wreck up someone else's property just to be an a-hole? What's point?

Over the weekend surveillance cameras at Frame of Mind picked up footage of a grown man casually pulling out all of the flowers in front of the shop, maybe he hates flowers. Perhaps he's mentally disturbed, the owners at Frame of Mind expressed concern for his well-being. It's sad that their property was destroyed though, it feels so violating when you discover that your possessions have been messed with, ya know? And Amy and her staff always do such a great job with their displays and with making their little corner of Missoula looking amazing.

I don't know if this was another incident of vandalism or if it was an accident, but I also noticed that the big window on the south side of Ciao Mambo was busted out today. Looks like an expensive replacement. But I will tell you this, when I was checking out their social media to see what happened I discovered that they have all you can eat spaghetti every Wednesday for only $7.95 and now I'm counting down the minutes to Wednesday night.

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