It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the Pearl Cafe locked its doors for a final time. It was March 1st of 2021 when owner/chef Pearl Cash officially closed the book on one of Missoula's favorite restaurants. I'm not sure it was supposed to take as long as it did but come Monday we'll finally see a brand new establishment open where the Pearl Cafe used to be. And get ready Missoula, it looks like it'll be quite the treat!

Brasserie, brewery.....tomato, tomahto

An article in the Missoulian today has the story about downtown Missoula getting ready to welcome its newest restaurant on February 7th as Brasserie Porte Rouge will open at 231 E. Front Street (right next to The Dram Shop.) It sounds pretty fancy, right? The name translates to Red Door Brasserie, with "brasserie" being the French word for brewery. So if we dummy it down to my level we come away with Red Door Brewery. Well, why didn't they just say that? Ha!

The group that started Burns St. Bistro are the ones behind the new restaurant that will feature French-inspired cuisine and promises to be a destination for Missoula diners eager to try the newest spot in town.

Some features of Brasserie Porte Rouge include:

  • a colorful wraparound bar
  • classics like sandwiches, burgers, and salads
  • 12 taps of beer
  • selection of wine
  • five or six different types of oysters
  • reservations and walk-ins accepted
  • bar seating
  • outdoor seating in warmer months

Will you be putting Brasserie Porte Rouge on your calendar?

The good news is they're set to open on Monday and you can make reservations. The bad news is you shouldn't get any big ideas about sneaking in as part of your Valentine's Day plans as reservations are already sold out! We're excited to see Brasserie Porte Rouge finally open and I can't wait to check the place out!

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