There's something about the weather changing that triggers something inside of me. We've started to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures - and it's like someone flipped the switch in my brain that makes me crave ice cream.

I got the urge to stop by the Big Dipper location next to Southgate Mall last weekend. I'm a 100% chocolate shake guy but something gave me the urge to go with I guess if we update the statistics I'm more of a 99% chocolate shake guy. Three days later and I was back in line trying some of the El Salvador Coffee. And as I sit here and write this on our warmest day of the year so far - the only natural way to cap the day will probably include a double scoop cone in one hand.

While I was at Big Dipper this week I was talking to one of the girls behind the counter. Our casual chat about the improving weather had me asking if it was going to be a busy week with all the sunshine and temps in the upper 60's that were coming our way. She expected a pretty solid rush of people when you factor in the weather and the number of people that just want to get out of the house because of the pandemic. Now that the weather is starting to turn, and business will be picking up, Big Dipper is looking to fill a few positions.

I just saw this posted on Big Dipper's Facebook page an hour ago:

Calling all Missoula ice cream lovers!

We are getting ready for our favorite time of year - summer - and we are looking for some new team members!

If you consider yourself an optimist and a hard worker seeking a job in a fast paced (and sweet) environment please find our application online at or stop in the shop! We are looking to fill several scooping shifts - mostly day shifts Monday - Friday.

I would never see a penny if I had that job! I would totally eat up my paycheck during the week and probably end up owing when payday rolled around. But if you're looking for hours and it seems like a fit - I imagine it would be a fun place to work!

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