It's an interesting concept, Halloween can become like prom for some people. Very extravagant costumes and some with little to nothing. Is that really what is important for Halloween? 

A new survey by the dating site reveals that 71% of single men are interested in dating someone, who wears a super sexy Halloween costume.

Other findings:

- 5% of guys are attracted to women, who wear spooky Halloween costumes

- 66% of singles think Halloween is a good time to find a date.

- 51% of people would be attracted to someone in an amusing costume

I still think cute and classy win! Or scary for sure. I understand the concept of wanting to maybe be out of the element of what you can normally wear but there are many ways to do it.

Plus if you are single on Halloween and want to find Mr.right you don't want your skimpy outfit to play a factor.