Easter will be different for a lot of families this year. No public egg hunts, no big gatherings, no pictures with the Easter Bunny at the mall.

There is this cool idea we told you about the other day - if you're looking for a fun way to interact with neighbors and strangers while keeping to your social distancing ways.

There's also an ABC FOX MT story shows one Missoula woman is offering to bring the egg hunt to you.......for a price. Dolly Blata will hide the eggs in your yard, you just have to wake up and find them in the morning. Each egg will be filled with wrapped candy and sanitized before they're placed in the yard. Have a food allergy? No problem. Eggs can be customized to accommodate what works for you.

This sounds like it would be ideal if you don't have eggs to hide, don't want to purchase eggs and the goodies to go inside them, don't want to get caught hiding eggs in the yard, or if you're just flat out lazy and want no part of the egg hunt process.

Oh yes, the price you ask?. Your yard can become egg hunt central for $15 and includes 25 hidden eggs. Higher priced packages are available that include more eggs.

I think my favorite part is that you can sponsor a family that can't afford to participate in the fun. What a fun way to provide some Easter fun for others.

Interested in having your yard "egged" for Easter? Get more info HERE.

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