The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 17 new criminal complaints this week, which is more than double the amount last week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, seven of those cases involved interpersonal violence and three of those cases were partner or family member assaults.

“In one of those cases the victim was the defendant’s mother,” Pabst said. “We also charged a violation of an order of protection case, two strangulation cases, and an assault with a weapon. In the non-family category, we charged two violent crimes. One was an aggravated burglary of a residence. That case involved trespass in the residence and a threat against one of the residents. There was an assault with a weapon as well. In that case, the weapon was a metal chair.”

Pabst said her office also filed two criminal endangerment cases. One defendant allegedly discharged a firearm into the ceiling of his apartment building with residents above. The second case involved a car chase.

“In that case, an officer received a report of a stolen vehicle,” Pabst said. “Allegedly, the defendant was shoplifting. The clerk took down the license plate. When it was called in, they realized the car was stolen. Another officer pursued the speeding vehicle and the defendant allegedly crashed through the gate at Eko Compost, abandoned the car, and fled on foot.”

In the property crimes category, Pabst said they charged one case that involved three counts of trespass. In addition, they charged five new drug cases.

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