Every now and again you want to freshen up your look. For most of us that means a haircut or maybe a new outfit. When you're a food store and you become part of a new parent company it means you update your logo, signage, and name. That's exactly what recently happened with one store in Missoula. The next time you drive down Brooks St. and see the building next to where Flying Squirrel was - you'll notice a whole new appearance.

chef store

It was known as Smart Food Services up until just the other day. But I was looking online for something yesterday and one of the search results that popped up was for US Foods CHEF'STORE. My first thought was how I had never heard of the place, and also how I had never seen it even thought the address showed them being on Brooks. After a little investigating I realized where it was located and knew they must have just recently changed. Sure enough I found the details on social media.

A post on their Facebook page says: "If you love Smart Foodservice, we’re about to give you even more to love. Now that we’re part of the US Foods® family, we’re changing our name to US Foods® CHEF’STORE® starting March 1st! The sign out front will be new, but you’ll still find the same great product selection, value and helpful staff you’ve come to expect."

On my trip down Brooks St. yesterday I decided to mix in a little work duty and pulled over to snag a picture of the new look to use for this article. It didn't hurt that Frugals is located right there and I was able to squeeze in a burger and shake. But I'll stick with the story that it was all for the benefit of work.

If you're not familiar with Smart Food Services US Foods CHEF'STORE it can seem a bit confusing by the name. It now sounds like it's suited to chefs and cooking professionals. But it's more like a mini Costco. They sale some things in bulk quantity and have a lot of stock that is geared towards restaurants and food trucks. Find them at 2501 Brooks St. in Missoula.

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