We posted a random meme (see above) on our Facebook page on Monday and didn't think much of it, except that we agreed with what it said, and thought it was kind of funny. But it sparked a lot of comments as Missoulians remembered the best sandwich of their lives.

The Sandwich Post, as it's now known, brought back fond memories for dozens of Missoulians who left comments, declaring their love for sandwiches that no longer exist. For instance, Drew, who said, "As much as it pains me to say, the Bobcat Special from Pickle Barrel." And Sean, who remembered, "The first Pickle Barrel sandwich I had at MSU in 1980." Then there was this comment from Kari, "Pickle Barrel Cheesesteak." Gee, miss Pickle Barrel much, Missoula??

There was also mention of Dan's Soup & San (R.I.P.), the Staggering Ox and a few places out of state. Does this mean, outside Staggering Ox, there are no really great sandwiches left in Missoula? I mean REALLY great, memorable, you gotta run out and tell somebody about it types of sandwiches. Like the ones from Pickle Barrel, apparently. I remember when the Pickle Barrel was at South and Higgins, I don't recall it being as awesome as y'all say, but maybe I was just ordering the wrong thing.

Wheat Montana has a pretty great sandwich, whatever that pesto mayo type sauce is at the Missoula deli location at 3rd and Reserve is takes the cake, it's the secret ingredient for sure. Bagels on Broadway has bomb breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and Tagliare definitely has the best tasting bread and cheese. What's your favorite existing sandwich to get in Missoula? Outside of homemade, we mean, unless you want us knocking on your door with a napkin tucked into the front of our shirts. Let us know in the comments, we'll gather up your answers and declare the best in Missoula when it comes to meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces stuffed into bread.

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