Small-town life is not always easy. It can be hard coming up with impressive date ideas when you meet that special someone. With few options, you sometimes have to get creative. Thankfully, Missoula is the second-largest city in Montana, which helps a little when it comes to dreaming up a date. But, it still isn't as easy as, let's say, a "metropolitan" area. But however big the towns get in Montana, we still have that smalltown vibe.

Recently a Missoula Redditor reached out to his peers on Reddit for advice on finding cows. He asked simply "Where can I take my girlfriend to see some cows?"

wolfgang hasselmann via
wolfgang hasselmann via

Now, you would think that this would be an easy answer being that we live in one of the largest cattle industry states on the continent. But, GosephForJoseph wants more than just seeing a cow. He wants to impress his girl with an opportunity to pet a cow. Talk about romantic.

Of course, the keyboard comedians couldn't resist the opportunity to crack a joke. With comments like "take her to Five Guys." Or even more romantic than petting, "take her cow tipping."

But, for the most part, all the comments pointed out how sweet this Casanova is for trying to treat his date to the joy of petting a cow, offering up great advice on places they may be able to ask permission to pet a cow, or even places where they can not only pet a cow but also "take one of its siblings home" for a nice romantic dinner.

Can you think of any places that have lovable cows that need petting?

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