While out of town during Memorial Day, a Missoula resident’s dwelling was ransacked, luckily, neighbors were keeping a good eye on the place.  911 received a call from another resident in the same complex on Arthur Avenue who reported that they had seen 38-year-old Brian Lubick enter the dwelling. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says police found more evidence to back up that claim when they came to investigate.

"They found evidence that somebody had, in fact, been in the residence and it appeared that the place had been searched pretty thoroughly," Welsh said. "They also were able to make contact with the person that was identified by the other tenant as having been in that residence. Subsequent to that, items of evidence were located in that person's residence that connected him to the burglary on the main floor dwelling."

Lubick actually lived in the same complex, but Welsh says he didn’t want to answer the door when police came knocking.

"He was found located in his own residence, which was one of multiple residences in the structure," Welsh said. "Initially he didn't want to come out of his apartment, but eventually, he did cooperate.'

Welsh says Police found jewelry in Lubick’s possession that appears to have been taken from the victim’s residence.


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