We all know housing prices are out of control in Missoula. Rent has jumped like crazy over the last few years - and sale prices have reached the ridiculous level. I've watched houses in my neighborhood put the FOR SALE sign in the yard one day and slap the SOLD sign on it the very next day. The last one on our street that went on the market sold to someone that made an offer of $50k over the asking price!

It's definitely good to be an owner/seller in today's housing market. Unfortunately, I just rent.....but maybe I'll have to pop into the open house for this property and see about putting in an offer. I'll have to see it in person though - I can't get a good feel about if it's big enough based on the pictures. Ha!

All joking aside - I saw this property for sale today and it's beautiful. It took me a minute to figure out if it was real or a painting - that's how gorgeous it is. Look at that tower.....it looks like a place that Beast would lock Belle inside of if they did a country version of Beauty and the Beast.

From the description, I could probably tough it out there: "Entering the home your welcomed into a living room with vaulted ceilings, tall glass doors with views to the East, an entertainment bar, formal dining room with pocket doors that lead to a beautifully designed kitchen with polished concrete countertops and a walk in pantry. There is also an informal dining room, an office, a large mudroom/ laundry room with a utility sink and a half bathroom. The wrap around deck on this level is newly finished offering sweeping views of the Missoula valley and glimpses of the Clark Fork River."

Ok, enough of my daydreaming.....back to the property prices in Missoula. They're a bit outlandish - but I'm not sure I've seen something quite as bad here as this crazy listing in Washington, DC.

Yikes. That's just wild. And yep, that's Missoula author Stephanie Land's post. We were just talking about another Twitter post from Stephanie the other week when she reminded everyone about how her writing sample was rejected by UM but ended up being the work that scored her a book deal and an upcoming Netflix series.

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