It is highly unlikely that you will see a real-life mascot nesting high atop a pole beyond center field, like you did when they were the Osprey.

At the crossroads of the Clark Fork River and Bitterroot Railway, Misssoula enters a new era of professional baseball, described as focusing on the Missoula culture and lifestyle. It was announced Monday morning that the Missoula Osprey professional baseball team has become the Missoula PaddleHeads.

The team name was selected after more than 600 fans suggested almost 500 different names in a month-long opportunity to help name the team. The PaddleHeads name was selected as it celebrates family fun on the Clark Fork River and one of Montana's most iconic animals, the moose.

The PaddleHead Moose is depicted in many of the new logos that are on display. The oar/baseball bat hybrid is also prominent in the new logos.

The PaddleHeads will unveil their new uniforms and mascot at a later date.

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