One of the Missoula locations of the U.S. Postal Service could end up needing to find a new location. And you can skip ahead if you want to get right to that info. But first, I have to ask, did you have any issues with the USPS delivering letters and packages during the holidays? They said it was going to be a busy couple of months with the extra volume this year because of the pandemic - and it did indeed burn me a couple of times, on both the shipping and receiving side of things.

My mom put a small Christmas package in the mail on December 14. It was basically a card with money in it for the grandkids that she put in a slightly bigger envelope thinking a bit more bulk would prevent it from getting lost in the shuffle. Ten days later, the envelope still hadn't arrived on Christmas Eve. It finally showed up on January 4th (20 days later - all bent and beat up with some marks that looked like something ran it over.)

My brother also put a couple of cards in the mail - both on the same day - one to each of my daughters. One showed up a couple days before Christmas, and one didn't arrive until a few day after. Plus, I sent out cards with our daughter's Santa pictures this year. Most arrived by Christmas or the day after. My sister finally had hers show up THIS WEEK! The postmark on the simple card and envelope was from December 20 and she finally got it on January 25 - more than a month later! Ok, rant over. Just wondering if anybody else had issues pop up.

Now, back to the post office location here in town. The Hellgate Post Office at 200 E. Broadway might get caught in a situation with new building owners that could see them look to relocate because of lease issues. Discussions are ongoing with the possible new owners of the building and if forced to move it isn't expected to happen until fall of 2022. If a move became reality, services would continue at the current location until while the new location is finalized. Read more about the potential move, and see how to submit your comments in this KPAX article.

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