Detective Guy Baker and our local police are searching for a man that was seen punching a 74-year-old man on Tuesday (4/27) in Missoula. Surveillance footage along the route shows that a mini van followed the elderly man from the Hawthorne School area to the athletic fields at the 3000 block of South Avenue, so from 3rd Street to the area of Community Medical Center. According to witnesses, when the vehicles stopped at the athletic fields, a man his his 40s with a stocky build went to the elderly man's driver's side window and began punching him repeatedly.

In the City of Missoula Police Department Facebook post, you can see the picture of the dark colored Dodge Caravan, or Plymouth Voyager. It was seen closely following a brown Nissan Sentra between 11:20 a.m. and 11:35 a.m. on Tuesday, so it seems the elderly man was targeted. Detective Guy Baker asks that you call him at (406) 552-6284 if you were witness to this incident and haven't already spoken to police, or can otherwise assist in identifying the suspect.

An update on the post says that the vehicle has been identified but police are still searching for an identity and location of the assault suspect. The victim was transported to the hospital and his injuries and current condition are unknown, but I certainly hope he receives justice in this disturbing case.

If you suspect elder abuse, or are yourself experiencing abuse, please refer to our local Montana Department of Health and Human Services information on Adult Protective Services here.

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