Missoula Police are asking you to be aware of any suspicious vehicle attempting to pull you over with flashing lights.

According to MSP, someone in a red Cadillac tried to pull over a police car using flashing lights.

Take a moment to read the description of events below.  It can help you know what is and isn't normal if you end up in the same situation.

The following is a release from MPD:
MPD Ofc. Chris Kaneff would like you to be aware that an unknown occupant of a Red Cadillac attempted to pull him over in his police vehicle yesterday in the area of the Russell St. Bridge Construction. The Cadillac had flashing red lights on the dashboard until the occupant appeared to realize he/she was attempting to stop a marked police car. Before Ofc. Kaneff could turn around, the vehicle was gone. Please be aware that any law enforcement vehicle would typically display red/blue, or blue flashing lights. Also, the Missoula Police Department does not have a red Cadillac in our fleet of vehicles. If you see such a vehicle flashing red lights, please call 9-1-1 with it's description and location.

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