***Update: Thanks to some keen observation by one of our followers, this vehicle has been located and recovered for the owner.

I've had my vehicle broken into before - and that's no fun. I guess the only thing worse would be to have the entire thing stolen. Let me find the closest piece of wood to knock on and say that I've yet to have that happen.....thankfully. My brother-in-law had his car stolen last year and the dirty dogs made off with his cell phone, golf clubs and more before the vehicle was ultimately found. But don't feel bad for him - he left the car running, with the doors unlocked, and his phone on the front seat while he went into a convenience store. Guess it turned out to be a bit of an inconvenience after all - HA! Now that I think about it.....I photoshopped his face onto the movie poster of 'Dude, Where's My Car?' after it happened.....good times!

A Facebook post from the City of Missoula Police Department page is asking everyone to be on the lookout for a stolen antique pickup truck. It definitely looks like it won't be easy to have this one hidden in plain sight - if you see it you'll know.

If we go off the first few comments that people posted in response to the original post, it seems like this vehicle has been stolen before, and recently!

Again!!! This is the second time this truck has been stolen!!

These guys need to protect their truck better. Stolen twice this winter.

Hmmm.....is it just bad luck that it could have been stolen twice? Has the same thief struck again? Do you need a free solar analysis and suddenly have the urge to contact Big Sky Solar?

I'm not saying it was part of the issue - but make sure to keep YOUR vehicle doors locked at all times. And contact MPD at the numbers above if you happen to see the above-mentioned truck in your travels.

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