Missoula Police arrested a man early Tuesday morning after an officer noticed some odd behavior, police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"About 1:20 A.M. an officer was performing extra patrols in the area of Wyoming and Catlin Street when he observed a male get out of a vehicle in a parking lot and go into a business," Welsh said. "The officer took note of the vehicle, ran the plate and noticed that the plate had been reported stolen previously to the Sheriff's Office."

The officer waited for the man to return to his car and later learned that the plates weren’t the only item that had been reported stolen.

"The male came back out and in the officer's words, the male kind-of scanned the area before getting back in the vehicle," Welsh said. "At that point the officers initiated contact with the individual who was identified as 35-year-old Michael Casida. He was informed of the stolen plates and the officers soon learned that the vehicle he was driving had also been reported stolen on August 26, from the 300 block of North Higgins."

Mr. Casida is being held on a felony theft charge for the stolen car, a misdemeanor theft charge for the stolen plates and that’s not all, it turns out there was a warrant out for his arrest for failing to make a court appearance in a separate incident.

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