It's been just about a year since students had their worlds turned upside down. The final weeks of the 2020 schoolyear ended up being quite the learning curve for everyone - parents, teachers, and students. Looking back, the thought of doing school from home to finish the final weeks of last year seemed like such a tough task . But everybody made it through - and many students have yet to return to a classroom as parents were given the option of virtual learning this year. I have a kindergartener at home and her classroom all year has been the kitchen table.

Last year was also quite a frantic finish for high school seniors. Not being able to spend the final weeks with friends is such a bummer way to end your high school career. Then there was the talk of maybe not having graduation ceremonies but thankfully it all came together in the end and Washington-Grizzly Stadium was able to play host to local high schools in socially distanced commencements. If you can believe it, graduation time is almost here once again and it sounds like there's already a plan in place for this year.

It's slowly feeling like things are starting to get back to normal again. Certain businesses are reopening, places are hiring, capacity limits are being lifted, and events are starting to get scheduled. But I think one thing nobody is really ready for is indoor gatherings. This KPAX article has details on how Missoula and other local high schools are going to follow last year's model and plan for graduation ceremonies to be held outdoors.

Washington-Grizzly Stadium will once again host the ceremonies for Missoula County Public Schools with June 4 as the targeted date. Details are still to come on how many tickets each graduate will receive and what attendance numbers will look like.

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