So we just recently got word about the new manager that'll be taking over for the new season of Paddleheads baseball in Missoula, but we've drastically overlooked a job that is arguably even more important. Who's gonna be the new mascot???

It's a question that's been on our minds ever since the team relaunched with the new name. What's the mascot's name? What will it look like? How adept are they at firing t-shirt cannons? The people need answers!

Well, we've got some good news: it looks like we'll only have to wait a few short weeks to finally get answers to these pressing questions. The Paddleheads announced in a tweet this week that the new mascot will be debuting on April 6th, and they included a fun, tongue-in-cheek video to go along with it.

As you can probably guess by the subtle hints the video is giving you, the new mascot will likely be a moose - which makes sense, it was the entire rationale behind naming the team the Paddleheads. But will it look like the cartoon logo, or is it going to have a different feel to it? On April 6th, we'll finally have the answers.

In the meantime, the Paddleheads are planning on playing a full season of baseball after having to sit last year out due to COVID, and you can find details about how to buy tickets to games at their website.

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