The Missoula PaddleHeads continue to present fun activities and events in the face of the caronavirus pandemic.

There's already a great lineup of events being offered at Ogren Park this summer:

I guess Sundays were feeling a bit left out! The PaddleHeads have announced plans for Yoga in the Ballpark. There will be a session held on a Sunday in August, September, and October. And this isn't just doing a quick yoga session and calling it a day. Throw in a light brunch, mimosas, and a chance to win a stand up paddle board - now we're talking!

If you've been hesitant to return to any sort of indoor classes, this might be a good way to ease back into being active. Grab your yoga mat and make a morning out of it. You can get tickets for any of the three yoga sessions HERE. Namaste.

All the details for Yoga in the Ballpark are HERE and below!

For each event, $20 tickets include a yoga class led by community professionals and light, healthy fare to enjoy post workout. Stadium gates will open at 9:30 a.m. for a 10:00 a.m. class. Early registration and arrival are encouraged. Mimosas and other beverages will be available for purchase to enjoy with your meal and fellow yogis. All participants must bring their own yoga mat. Additional equipment such as a strap or block may be utilized but are not required.

The PaddleHeads have added an extra incentive for yogis who fully embrace Downward Dugout. Anyone who attends all three events will be immediately entered to WIN an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), and paddle – over a $500 value!

All ages and abilities are welcome to join. There will be an additional instructor leading ‘modifications’ for those less experienced participants.

The safety of the Missoula community is our utmost priority. A full COVID-19 Readiness Plan has been created by the Missoula PaddleHeads for operating the venue cautiously, safely, and responsibly, and can be found at The execution of this plan includes: social distancing and crowd control measures, one-way concourse walkways, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing practices, staff training, PPE guidelines, a full food and beverage plan, and wellness and symptom checks for all staff. Patrons will be required to wear face coverings until they are seated at their tables, encouraged to diligently practice social distancing at all times, and asked to stay home if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.


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