Last year was such a crazy adventure with the pandemic! Thankfully the Missoula PaddleHeads helped us all keep a little bit of sanity by offering up entertainment at Ogren Park throughout the summer. Movie nights, trivia, happy hours, a beer fest, yoga at the seems like they were always announcing something that we could do when there wasn't much else going on. And one of the awesome events from last year is back for another run!

Paddle Beach Golf Club is returning to give PaddleHeads fans and golfers the chance to hit golf balls around Ogren Park Allegiance Field. Grab your clubs - and your friends - and get ready to have some fun!

Photo: Missoula PaddleHeads
Photo: Missoula PaddleHeads

From the PaddleHeads' website: 
"Golfers of all ages and skill levels will have the opportunity to experience Paddle Beach Golf Club for both day and night rounds. The course includes 9 unique hitting bays, 9 on-field pin locations, a personal caddy at each hole, and a “10th Hole Party Area.” Tee times will be available: Tuesday through Thursday, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm – Friday and Saturday, from 2:00pm to 11:00pm – Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Tee times will operate every 10-minutes, with a maximum pairing of four golfers per tee time. Tickets for both daytime rounds and nighttime rounds are available at $20."

How Does It Work?

You do have to bring your own clubs or borrow from a friend. Clubs won't be available for rent. You can play with up to four golfers per tee time.

And you might be asking how you keep score while playing golf on a baseball field? There will be 9 pins on the field and each one will have three circles around the pin. Land your ball inside the first ring for 1pt, inside the 2nd ring for 2 pts, inside the 3rd ring for 3 pts, and anywhere on the field for 4 points. Of course, like golf, the goal is to have the lowest score possible.

Sounds pretty fun, right? It only runs for 6 days and tee times are available now. Get your tickets for Paddle Beach Golf Club HERE!

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