There are lots of upgrades and new features coming this season to Missoula Osprey baseball. And that includes a new scoreboard.

I must admit, while I enjoy watching Osprey baseball at Ogren Park Allegiance Field, I always thought the scoreboard was rather inadequate. Well, that appears to be changing this year, as the Osprey and Daktronics have announced the installation of a new state of the art 15HD LED video board, promising "major league" quality video for Osprey games.

In fact, the new board is the same quality as those in huge professional sports venues, including the homes of the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland A's and Houston Astros. But we're not just talking quality, but quantity, too. The Osprey's previous video board was 120 square feet. The new board will have 950 square feet of video capabilities. But it won't be larger overall, as all static ads have been eliminated to allow the video to encompass the entire board space.

So congrats, Osprey. Looking forward to the new visual enhancement.

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