Have I been to the gym at all in 2020? No. But closing the doors and taking away the opportunity to simply go to the gym got me motivated. I spent a weekend rearranging the garage, moved a TV from inside the house to the garage and mounted it on the wall, bought a cheap DVD player for all those old workout videos my wife has kept over the years, and I even bought a package of interlocking foam pieces to form a mat on the hard concreted floor. Yep, the home gym project was a success. And since then........the only use its seen is my kids sitting on the mat and watching the TV when they've followed me to the garage for other things.

Of course, gyms have returned to business as we move through the different phases of Gov. Bullick's reopening plan.  Now, after 10 weeks, Orangetheory in Missoula will reopen on Monday as we enter phase 2 of the plan.

Like all businesses, Orangetheory has to address some safety issues as they return to operations. The most noticeable changes include members having their temperature checked before being allowed to enter the building and staff will now be wearing PPE.

A KPAX article includes comments form co-owner Alex Burreson about additional safety measures. “When you come in here, the person to the right and to the left or the station to right or the left will be empty, there won't be people next to you, there will be open stations. Because we're coach-led in everything, we tell you what to do, when to do it, why to do it, we can tell the members when to come into the studio, when to switch, we can have them be switching in unison, and so it's much more of a controlled environment. Also we have the benefit of being a little bit smaller so at the end of every class we disinfect everything in the studio.”

Find Orangetheory at 3624 Brooks Street in Missoula.


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