I know the pants are tight, downward dog is a pose, and I think the word "namaste" gets thrown around for one reason or another. That's about the extent of my yoga knowledge.

When you think about yoga does your brain instantly make the connection to Missoula? Well, apparently, yoga is our jam!

Apartment Guide just took a look at some stats and crunched some numbers to come up with their list of The Best Cities For Yoga. Look who came out on top! There we are. Missoula gets the glory based on the amount of yoga establishments compared to population.

Here's what they had to say about Missoula:

The state's cultural center, Missoula has a diverse demographic from working-class loggers to college students and retirees looking for some quiet. Missoula also takes our top spot for best city for yogis — with 9.4 yoga establishments per capita, you can find relaxation anywhere.

This small community boasts several festivals, like the International Wildlife Film Festival, one of the first juried wildlife film festivals in the world. Its downtown area is home to some yoga studios, boutiques and fine dining establishments along with its busy event calendar.

Missoula's Bayern Brewing takes the prize for the oldest microbrewery in the state, and don't worry, Missoula has more than 550 acres of parkland where you can work out those beer calories.

It's always fun to see Missoula rank high on a list, and even better to be named #1, as long as we're on the list for a good reason. Ha!

You can check out the way they came up with the rankings for the top yoga cities and see the rest of the list HERE.

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