It should be a fun night to watch Jeopardy tonight - there's a local tie.  Missoula's Ben Hamman will be a contestant.

He's a program coordinator at the University of Montana and he'll be one of the two new challengers to the returning champion.

Could this be the start of the longest winning streak in the show's history? Might he bring home more money than any contestant to grace the Jeopardy podiums? It all has to start with a single win. You can see if Ben is able to dethrone the champion when the show airs at 6 p.m. tonight on KPAX-TV.

The show taped in August and is just now being broadcast. Man, I can't imagine having to keep the secret for so long.

Flipper's Casino will be the place to watch tonight as Ben and his wife will be in attendance to watch the episode.

Go Ben!

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