33-year-old Joshua Prink is facing multiple felony charges after a woman came to the Missoula police station last night, May 24, to report what she had witnessed earlier that day. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Earlier, in the 900 block of North Russell, a friend of hers, another adult female, was approached by her estranged husband," Welsh said. "The male accused her of lying to him and according to our complainant the male pulled out a gun and pointed it at the female and as she tried to intervene, the male pointed the gun at her before striking the victim in the abdomen."

The assault apparently didn’t stop there, more abuse occurred back home including an incident involving a 12-year-old child.

"Back at the apartment, at some point, one of the three children that lives in the residence attempted to somehow intervene in the disturbance and according to the report, the child was thrown against a wall by Mr. Prink," Welsh said. "The victim in this case, once back at the apartment, was not allowed to leave, the suspect also forced her to stay in a bedroom under threat of force."

Prink is now facing three felony charges including Kidnapping, Assault with a weapon, and assault on a Minor. He is facing a misdemeanor charge of Partner Family Member Assault as well.

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