I can only flip my Christmas switch to the on position once Thanksgiving is in the books. The tree can't go up, the house can't get decorated, and movies can't be watched until the day has been spent being lazy with turkey and football. I just can't skip over a holiday and get into Santa Clause mode, I have to go in order. But now that Christmas is next on the list it's nothing but eggnog, candy canes, and Santa hats for this guy until the end of the year.

It's time to see the lights this weekend

In Missoula, one of the events we have to help us ramp up our holiday spirit every year is the Parade of Lights. Last year they tried something different with the Reverse Parade of Lights and it had some mixed reviews. This year they've tweaked some things again because of where things are currently at with COVID. It will be a stationary parade again this year but with some changes that should make it a bit more enjoyable for all. Hopefully next year we'll get back to having the normal parade. Will you be checking out the Parade of Lights this weekend for a little family fun?

What makes the festive list for Montana?

I love the parade but it didn't find its way onto the Pro Mover Reviews list of the 150 Festive Destinations in the USA You Must Visit. They basically picked three places in every state that are worth checking out for the holidays and one of the selections for Montana is actually here in Missoula. The ones that made the list are Whitefish Ski Resort, Bigfork, and Missoula's Old Fashioned Forest Service Christmas.

Experience an Old-Fashioned Forest Service Christmas in Missoula, where the great outdoors are more than welcoming to the festive atmosphere during the holidays. It’s a chance to see Santa’s love for nature as he’s accompanied by Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl for campfire stories and singing.

You'll have to wait until next year

It's pretty cool to have a local event make the list! If you're not familiar with the Old Fashioned Forest Service Christmas the bad news is you'll have to wait until next year to check it out since they already held it last weekend. But you can still do the Parade of Lights on Saturday and maybe plan to attend both events next year!

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