Do you ever have those weird experiences where a certain something keeps popping up in conversation? It's like something you wouldn't normally notice but for some reason it sticks out to you because it keeps presenting itself. I had that last week with Jersey Mike's Subs. I know - you're thinking that's a weird example - and I'm right there with you!

We don't have a Jersey Mike's in Missoula, and I've only eaten at one a couple of times over the years so I don't have a reason to ever think about the place. But we were on a road trip last week and my wife had lunch at Jersey Mike's with her family. She ended up telling me that it was the first time she had ever eaten there and she thought it was a pretty good sandwich. The next day we were together with my family and someone turned the conversation to Jersey Mike's as a place they like to eat. And to complete the trifecta - yesterday I saw a Missoulian article with details about Jersey Mike's opening a location on N. Reserve.

The new store is good news if you're a Jersey Mike's fan - but bummer news if you're a Quiznos fan. The Quiznos that's next to Cold Stone has been closed but I've been holding out hope that it would reopen as we made our way to the other side of the pandemic. It looks like that isn't happening as Jersey Mike's will take over the old Quiznos location (3275 N. Reserve St., Suite E.)

According to the Jersey Mike's website this will be the 5th Montana location. The other four are in Belgrade, Billings, and Bozeman.

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