At around 8:41 p.m. on Saturday, Missoula 911 received multiple complaints of a vehicle vs. pedestrian hit and run collision in the parking lot of WinCo Foods. While officers were enroute to the scene, dispatch advised that the female victim was turning blue, and CPR was in progress to save her. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“As officers were responding and as the scene was evolving, officers learned this was a domestic related incident and that a female had been run over by a vehicle,” Arnold said. “The female was provided medical aid on scene and transported to a local hospital where she was later declared deceased. The Missoula Police Department expresses their condolences to the family of the female who lost her life during this incident.”

Court documents indicate the victim sustained multiple crushing injuries to her body.

“The suspect male, Bradley Nagel, remained on scene and had indicators of being under the influence of alcohol when officers confronted him,” Arnold said. “Nagel was cooperative and was transported to the Missoula Police Department where Missoula Police Department detectives became involved. On scene at WinCo, officers were able to speak with witnesses, secure the scene, and observe video surveillance.”

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Nagel told an officer that he and the victim were arguing about relationship problems outside his truck in the WinCo parking lot. When Nagel attempted to leave the area to cool off, he said the victim stood in front of his truck and refused to move. Nagel said he drove his truck forward in a jerking fashion, hoping that the victim would move out of the way. Nagel explained that at some point the victim fell to the ground, and he ran her over. Nagel also stated that he and the victim had been drinking at the Eagle’s Lounge prior to the incident.

Sergeant Manraksa attempted to review video surveillance of the incident. The surveillance video showed Nagel slowly driving with the victim standing next to his driver-side window. The truck then accelerated, and the victim fell onto her stomach. She landed underneath the truck between the front and rear driver-side tires.

Once the victim had fallen underneath the truck, Nagel stopped briefly before accelerating and driving over her with his rear tire. After driving over the victim, Nagel stopped again and exited his truck.

Detectives later reviewed the same video and noted that Nagel stopped his truck for approximately one and one-half seconds while the victim was lying on the ground. Nagel then drove over the victim’s head and shoulder area. After hitting her, Nagel stopped his truck again, got out, and stood over the victim’s body. A short time later, he got back into his truck and moved the truck into a parking spot. Bystanders began helping the victim while Nagel stayed in his truck. He later got out again to check on the victim.

At the police station, detectives interviewed Nagel again. Nagel said he kept “pushing, pushing forward,” and that the victim “fell down, and [Nagel] ran her over.” Nagel estimated he was travelling approximately five miles per hour. He explained that he “goosed it” and “boom,” “I guess I ran her over by the head.” Nagel said he thought the victim would bounce out of the way and that he did not mean to run her over. When asked how much he had to drink, Nagel stated that he’d had enough and if she dies that will be on me.

Nagel is currently being charged with deliberate homicide and driving under the influence. He has two prior DUI convictions.

Nagel appeared in Missoula Justice Court Tuesday afternoon and his bail was set at $1 million.

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